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The WeatherGuard™ Difference!

In consideration of the tight seal provided by the Series 1600 Weatherguard™, rain water is unable to penetrate the area between the Header Seal and the top of the vehicle. The water has no where to go except away from the loading opening. This ensures a safe and dry loading dock area during material handling operations.
The exclusive WeatherGuard™ effectively seals trailer heights from 13'0" to 13'6", which make up the majority of over-the-road vehicles!
Other dock seals and shelters allow rain to penetrate the loading dock area, resulting in wet and damaged cargo.
Interaction of the vehicle
with the Series 1600 WeatherGuard™
Dock Enclosure ...
The Fairborn Series 1600 Weatherguard™ Dock Enclosure addresses this common concern, eliminating water penetration to ensure dry cargo and a safe
loading dock area.

Vehicle approaches WeatherGuard™ Dock
Enclosure while being
positioned at the dock door opening.

The exclusive pivoting head member of the WeatherGuard™ unit automatically adjusts
to the height of the vehicle
when positioned at the dock.

When vehicle is in position at the dock, the helical torsion springs of the pivoting head member provides consistent tension force over the width of the unit while ensuring the foam head member conforms to the top of the trailer creating a watertight wiper seal.